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Las Montañas del Fuego (The Fire Mountains)

The Montaņas del Fuego (Fire Mountains) or Timanfaya form part of a wide area affected by the volcanic eruptions that struck Lanzarote between 1730-1736 and later, in 1824. This lengthy eruptive process - one of the most relevant and spectacular in the Earth's volcanic history - drastically altered the island's morphology, leaving a quarter of it almost completely buried under a thick layer of lava and ash.

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Recommended time: 2 hours
Opening hours: Daily from 9am to 6pm.
Final volcano tour: 5pm.
Bar Cafe: 9am to 5pm
Restaurant: 12pm to 3:30pm
Telephone: 928.173.789

What there is to see

All along Timanfaya, there are what vulcanologists call "geothermic anomalies": unusual temperatures in the ground emanating from the subsoil.

Within the Parque Nacional there is a route of some 14 kilometres open to visitors, known as "La Ruta de los Volcanes" (The Volcano Trail)

The camel rides on the volcano are, without doubt, one of the most classic aspects of Lanzarote and combine the exoticism of the transport with the spectacular nature of the surroundings.

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Opening hours and Rates

Opening hours

Daily: from 9h - 17:45h.
Last volcano coach trip: 17:00h
Coffee shop: 09:00h - 16:50h
Restaurant: 12:00h - 15:45h

Shop: 09:00h - 16:50h

(From 01 July to 30 September)

Daily: from 9h - 18:45h
Last volcano coach trip: 18:00h
Coffee shop: 09:00h - 17:50h
Restaurant: 12:00h - 16:45h

Shop: 09:00h - 17:50h

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Panorámica del Restaurante

The three-star restaurant is open from 13:00 to 15:30.
The products are cooked on the heat of the Vulcan itself.


Gift Shop and local products.
Opening hours: from 10:00 to 17:00